Some of my favorite emojis are ⚡️🍍⛵️. Now that's out of the way, I'll tell you about my role at Shimmur and all of the creative stuff I get to work on. We bring creative digital properties to life that embrace new ways teens engage with media.I focus on roadmap strategy, rapid prototyping, design, and execution with our in-house development team.

Shimmur flips the traditional media model. Usually content flows from talent to audience. At Shimmur, we believe the audience wants to be an engaged part of all new media, so we put them first.

Before Shimmur, I co-founded Tag, the social passport app. Tag let anyone travel through the eyes of their closest friends, favorite celebrities, athletes, and DJs. My team raised $1.2m in seed funding from angel investors including Mark Cuban, Eduardo Saverin, and Tim Draper. After 2.5 years Tag's codebase was acquired by Cyber Dust. (Note: Tag was formerly known as Marco Polo)

My passion for product and design began in college when I launched Life Stencils. Life Stencils sold my custom handmade stencil artwork, Banksy-style, based on photos fans submitted to my website.

Closely following Life Stencils, I released a responsible drinking app for college students called Shots iGot. The app allows users to virtually fill containers with their finger to see how many shots they have in water bottles, Gatorade bottles, red cups, etc. It provides accurate liquor measurements based on the height and contour of that not-so-inconspicuous water bottle filled with brown liquids.

Shots iGot reached Top 10 Paid Entertainment Apps in the App Store and is still spreading organically in over 130 countries generating revenue using a freemium model to upsell locked bottles.